About Our Podcast

The podcast charts the remarkable story of one woman, Teresa Arthur, who has survived ovarian cancer 4 times in 5 years.
Teresa is a self-described optimist, and this podcast is built on that foundation: even though it features tough topics, this is not a doom-and-gloom cancer show.

In order to understand this complex disease, and what survivorship means, the podcast features episodes with:

  • clear explanations about the science
  • engaging conversations with experts about new innovations
  • the role of genetics
  • the experience of chemotherapy and other drugs
  • and the moving, always messy, sometimes funny, often tough, ultimately hopeful journey of survivorship.

About Our Host

Golda Arthur is an award-winning audio journalist and executive producer who has worked for the BBC, CBC, American Public Media and Vox Media. She also teaches audio journalism at Columbia University in New York.

On this assignment, though, the mic is turned inward, to a story more personal than anything else she’s done.

"In 2018, when my mother was diagnosed, I looked desperately for more information about this thing, and a way to understand what we were up against. I found a lot about breast cancer, cervical cancer - but not much about ovarian cancer. And what I did find was clinical, written in scientific jargon, and just plain frightening. This podcast aims to solve the problem I had as a first-timer, and is aimed at people who need to understand it in a way that is intellectually and emotionally accessible."

Our Team

Lissa Soep


Erick Gomez


Jesica Martinez de Hoz

Associate Producer

Lissa Soep is an editor, producer, writer, and researcher who started a career in audio storytelling more than 20 years ago after she finished a PhD at Stanford, turned down a professor job, and joined Youth Radio instead, a nonprofit newsroom (now YR Media) in Oakland, California. The YR stories that she has produced for NPR and other outlets have reached tens of millions of listeners, advanced reforms in juvenile justice and child welfare, and won Peabody, Murrow, Kennedy, Gracie and other awards. Since 2020, she has edited narrative podcasts with Vox Media and established the Vox Media Podcast Network Audio Academy. She has co-authored four academic books and lots of research articles and has a narrative nonfiction book coming out in the spring.

Erick Gomez is a freelance audio mix engineer and mentor focusing on podcasts and other forms of spoken word content. He hails from the broadcast radio world, where he got his start crafting in-house commercial spots for both local and national advertisers at 97.9 FM La Mega in New York City. His previous employers include Peloton, The New York Times, Vox, Westwood One, Univision and MTV. Erick is the proud son of immigrant parents, an avid gamer, cat daddy, Broadway musical enthusiast, vegetarian, and an overall computer and audio nerd.

Jesica Martinez de Hoz is an associate producer, as well as a website and podcast art designer. While earning a degree in Communication Studies at McMaster University, Jesica hosted her own radio show, The Indie Night Shift. Every Tuesday night you could find her alone in the basement of the student center, playing whatever songs she discovered that week - this is where her audio journey began. After graduating, she earned a certificate in Music Business at Humber College and was introduced to the behind-the-scenes of podcasting. It was then that Jesica began working on Overlooked, among several other upcoming podcasts, and decided to delve deeper into the world of audio storytelling.